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NEED IDEAS- Popular Props: Pets such as dogs, cats, horses, etc… if your passionate about it, it’s worthy of professionally recording it in an image. Accessories & Clothing: Style and fun goes from head to toe and includes hats, scarves, sunglasses, boots, footwear, belts, umbrellas & signature accessories. Let your imagination run. Do you have a signature style? Here’s your chance to really play it up and let it shine. Go ahead and get a bit crazy…the photographs will be phenomenal! Gaming, TV /Movies, Special Interests, Clubs & Hobbies: This category opens the lens wide for almost any personal passion. The sky’s the limits as long as it’s legal and safe. Play it up or suggest it subtly, it’s your time so you set the pace. Hobbies are in all shapes & forms. Collections, books, & COS-play, its all part of who you are, so let’s show it off! Sporting & Team Accessories: If it involves an actual ball or if you just have a ball doing it just let us know. But don’t just stop there. If your love includes surfboarding, skateboarding, rollerblading, or biking it’s all possible. High spirited cheer leading, gymnastics or martial arts... not a problem. Even get your trophies, pennants and metals, as they deserve recognition too. If you enjoy exercise or relaxation from it then it counts as part of YOU and should be seen by the world! Musical Instruments: We dance to the beat of our own drummer too! Whether you’re part of a rock and roll band, or opening the door to becoming a classical musician, music photos are powerful. Let’s feature the instrument that has made a part of their life. Uniforms, Team Jackets & School Shirts Let’s go all out here! Football shoulder pads with dramatic light can make a powerful statement. Uniforms and team attire tells the tale to your story so you’ll want to have those images to keep for sure. Other Suggestions for Props: Ethnic and/or religious items, arts or artistic expression works. Shoot at favorite local hot spots or the places YOU frequently visited. Be open creative… come up with your own unique prop that adds character, personality and style to your shoot. We are up for just about anything!